Saturday, May 7, 2011

Peeps for Everyone!

In other chick news, I lost my mind to grief, loss of sleep, peer pressure and the sight of fluffy wuffy butts last week!  Yes, that's right we have eight more baby chicks growing upstairs thanks to my mom and some abnormally tall woman who was pressuring me to decide so I took all but two of them!  Everyone knows it's hard to decide under pressure, especially when you are exhausted, grieving for the loss of your own eggs and those chicks are so darn cute!!  We have two more silkies, black and white. We also have six bantam cochins, varied blues, partridge, barred and red.  We'll see what they all grow up to be and decide from there who stays.  I've already had a few offers.

Umm yeah see, how could I have possibly put any back?
By the way,  Mike has already tried to start naming them!  One for sure has stuck, Waddles, the smallest.  She was a bit challenged in getting to and fro.  I named our multi-colored (barred), Maybelline.

It Shall Be!

I recently posted an ad on Craigslist for our rooster to go to a good home.  After sifting through several prospects I found a nice country home where he would have a respectable polygamist arrangement with Harriet and Laverne.  Not a bad gig but then again he is quite the handsome dude.  We could still visit and the lady was of our type, chicken appreciator extraordinaire.  I was disappointed he couldn't stay but pleased with the set up.  He's quite the gentleman to all our ladies here and very mild mannered.  As Mike and I were both watching chicken TV Thursday eve I commented on just that.  My husband quickly interjected "Ok here's the deal; the rooster stays."  He pointed out his gentleness, handsomeness and how he barely makes a peep.  He went on to spew forth how I should take back my adoption proposition for him and that was that.  The rooster stays.  He also told me he wanted to name him Rodney.  I do think we can come up with a better name than that but we'll see.  So folks it has been said so let it be written...The rooster stays the rooster stays!!